Stress Free is not For Me……………

At last, the weekends here, time to relax and de-stress and boy do I need to. Today truly topped off what has been a crappy week – not sure why it’s felt so crappy but it has. I think the reality that christmas is almost upon us really isn’t helping and believe me when you work in a primary school the four weeks before crimbo are utter madness. There’s carol services, parties, christmas dinners,christmas fairs, cards and calendars to make and the ‘Christmas Production’ – easy….not. This year KS2 will be performing ‘Big Bad Ben of Bethlehem’ a sort of cross between Horrid Henry and the nativity. Big Bad Ben is the innkeepers son (you know – the dude with the stable) Anyway, basically Ben’s a bit of a sod (hence the Big Bad bit) and is horrible to everyone until the day Jesus is born (hope you’re keeping up) then Ben see’s the error of his ways and turns into goody-goody Ben – not nearly as much fun (Joke!) but you’ve got to get the christmas message across at some point in the story!!

No rehearsals today though as it was swimming – joy. Lets just say the move to the new all singing all dancing leisure centre isn’t going as planned and the situation is not helped by having a bus driver that can’t drive. No really, I thought I was a crap driver but I’m sure it wouldn’t have taken me 27 attempts to reverse the bus in the drive (alright it was 6 but then it’s not as dramatic!!) Stressed – just a bit……

Maybe that’s why I wasn’t in the best frame of mind for the ‘Asda Big Shop’ . If it wasn’t bad enough that the place was packed, it was packed with screaming kids that couldn’t behave and their ‘clampit’ parents who were totally oblivious to the fact that there little ‘Jim N Johnnie’ were knocking ten bells of **** out of one another in the next aisle. I wasn’t in there long.

Thankfully I’m less stressed now – amazing what a little run (niggle free) and a bottle of beer can do (not at the same time!) A stress free weekend is on it’s way……

At last its Friday

An easy weekend

Bring it on

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