A break in Play………….

Well they did have a long wait……

Today was possibly one of the longest Junior Rugby league games ever. Not what you want when your in agony – standing at the side of a less than warm pitch for the best part of 2 hours – in fact it was probably more than 2 hours. So much for timing my painkillers to last me until we got back. Mind you I’m glad I didn’t stick the sausage casserole in before we left- as planned. I think the house would of been on fire.

The cause of the delay – well mainly an indecisive ref. We were 34 -4 points up when one of the opposition players broke his ankle and an ambulance had to be called. So did he abandon the game- no, he couldn’t because we were slightly short of playing 75% of the game- like the other team were going to score 30+ points in the time that was left!  We could replay at a later date or wait for the ambulance. So we waited and waited   and finally the ambulance arrived. By this time everyone had lost the will to live, the other team had swapped a few of their subs for different ones, in the hope of scoring a few points, and the ref was pretending not to notice that some of the subs were 2 foot taller and had a six o clock shadow (slight exaggeration but you get the idea) So Crigg did their usual -stuck another 20 points past them and sailed through to the semi-finals.

Shame about the broken bones though – 1 broken ankle for them and a broken wrist for us, hope both players recover quickly – what is it going to be like when they get older!!!

Another win in the bag

Semi finals next week

Bring it on

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