School Trip Back in Time………

Remember these….

So I’m sat here feeling drained, absolutely exhausted – why? Have I run miles, cycled even further or been to the gym – nope. It’s been our Class trip, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it but boy do you feel tired once it’s all over. Still I can highly recommend the  Bradford Media Museum – it’s a fab place and probably even better if you go without 30 kids. I’ve got to admit to having the urge to wonder off with my camera and enjoy everything on show but I don’t think that would have gone down too well – I can’t think why!!

At least the kids seemed to enjoy it as well, from making movies to pretending to be a teletubby in front of the blue screen to the magic room they loved it all – still can’t believe that they had never heard of ‘Gordon the Gopher’ though! Yes there was definitely quite a few blasts from the pasts on show and not just T.V characters. I’d completely forgotten about those cube flashes we used to fasten on top of cameras, how big the first home video cameras were – you needed to be a weightlifter to hold one and as for the size of the video recorders -no wonder our TV unit used to be so flaming big…….

and these

A great day out

Friday Feeling tomorrow

Bring it on


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