Some Pain for a Gain

Well I did it – despite the extremely frosty conditions I overcame CBA syndrome – and at 5:45 this morning I sprinted for a whole 2 miles- wahoo it was nearly worth putting the running  gear on for!! But 2 miles is all I’m allowed to do at the minute (though physio didn’t say how many times a day I can do 2 miles!) Good thing is it was a pretty pain-free run as far as the knee goes.  The pain-free bit lasted until I saw the physio this afternoon.

Yep, my physio is clearly working on the ‘inflict pain and then you’ll gain’ philosophy. Trouble is the only thing I’m gaining at the minute is a bruised leg and sore gluteus maximus and I’m paying for the privlege!! Still the good news is my muscles are starting to work and srengthen and hopefully I might get to 2.1 miles sometime soon!!


2 miles done

Back on the bike tomorrow

Bring it on

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