Lost and Conshoes’d…………….

Ok so we weren’t lost in the true sense of the word but we definitely ended up going in the wrong direction -the knee-deep in mud direction. Another Sunday morning (a very misty one) out on the bikes and todays route took us down by the canal -slightly flatter than last weeks daredevil hills but lots of fun just the same. If I’m honest I know the route fairly well but we were looking for an extra loop to add on to. Thankfully a nice man came to our rescue – a nice man with a dog that really seem to like me. I know it really liked me because it ended up sat on my bike. It’s not every day you share your saddle with a golden retriever -a soggy wet I’ve just been swimming in the canal golden retriever. Bless. Anyway his owner pointed us in the direction of a loop we could add on, if only we hadn’t missed the turning. Still we got there in the end but we could have done without the knee-deep mud before we did!!

With the cycling out of the way we headed out to hunt for me some new running shoes. My physio wants me to get something with more stability. So I’ve googled various shoes and had decided just what I wanted until I got to the running shop. I know running shoes are very technical these days but the girl in the shop, in-between serving other customers- I think they were short-staffed, blinded me with science. Plus she really annoyed me though it wasn’t really her fault.

You see one of the reasons for my dodgy knee is my Nike Free Runners – I got my first pair after taking advice from the shop I was in today. Great advice – maybe not!  A warning to all runners do not buy into all this free running /barefoot  shoemalarkey if you want to run long distances -they’re no good and you’ll end up injured. My physio thinks barefoot running is a money-making con and the girl in the shop thinks the same. The girl in the shop that sells barefoot running shoes!!! Confused, I know I am. The running shop that sold me the Free Runners know they are no good so they are selling them because…….Well you tell me. So I came away without any running shoes- time to try another running shop.

14.7 miles cycled

Hoping to run 2 miles tomorrow

Bring it on

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