The Return of the Rat

So my blitzing the house plans came to a bit of a halt today – a rat sized halt. Yep, Roland’s relatives are back. I did wonder why poor Fluff (the family guinea pig) didn’t seem very happy. Now I know why. Thankfully I didn’t find the rat, he pounced on my electrician (thanks Ryan) who was sorting the outside security light out – no more disco lights when it’s windy now. Anyway back to the rat -seemingly he shot out of the cage across the patio and down the old drainage system from the outside toilet-it’s getting filled in with cement at the weekend-the pipe not the rat. In the meantime Fluff’s moved back in to the kitchen and I’ve chucked two tonne of rat poison outside if that fails I’m sending for the Pied Piper.

Thankfully I still had time for a mini blitz and there’s just the hoovering to do tomorrow (I’ve mended it) and I’ve done. Just in time for the last day of half term and there’s me thinking I’m on holiday. How many weeks until the christmas holiday………….

Job list nearly finished

A couple of hours free time tomorrow

bring it on.

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