No Resistance or the Hoover gets it………….

Well I certainly know my physio put me through it yesterday, I don’t know what hurts most today – well I do it’s my knee. But my butt, thigh and back aren’t in the happiest of moods either. To be fair to the physio it’s probably my fault my knee hurts. When he said no running for a couple of days he probably meant rest so I suppose last nights 4 mile power walk was a stupid idea. On the plus side I’m not back to crawling up the stairs- always a good sign, especially when you live in a house with 3 floors. So back to the ice packs and stretching – for tonight at least.

Another busy day of de-cluttering today but I’m currently wondering why the hell I started. I seem to be going round in circles. What I really need is a bigger house if only to give me room to sort stuff or would I just gain more stuff. To top it all off  mid cleaning up my Hoover died. Well to be honest I killed it. I did wonder what the smell was as I used the attachment to clean the skirting boards then I looked down, the Hoover had sucked up one of my resistance bands – great. The smell was the band rubbing on the Hoover belt. Now the Hoover belts  and the resistance band is now, well it’s not very resistant. It just hasn’t been my day. So I’ve given up for now. Tomorrow  -tomorrow I’ll be finished – maybe!!!

Run on hold till Saturday

At least I’ll get the housework finished (!)

Bring it on (not)

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