Pain, Pizza and Poppies

So a better attempt at a lie in today, but it took some doing. A quarter past six the first time I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep so I put daybreak on, I haven’t watched it in a while zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Now eight o clock is a bit more like it, trouble is I awoke suffering from CBA syndrome I had so much planned and couldn’t be bothered to do any of it. Today was officially a holiday day!!

To be fair I couldn’t really do too much as I had an appointment with the physio at 11, the niggly knee continues. It was just about coping with running 3 miles. Why oh why did I run 4 now it’s pulling again. So now its no running for 2 days and then I can run 2 miles – TWO -grrr. On the plus side I can then do that everyday until next week when I go back. After todays session I’m not really looking forward to going back. Just why am I paying to have so much pain inflicted on me. I knew my IT band was tight but not that tight. I feel like I’ve been run over – I left the physio drip white and shaking. It was like childbirth without the gas and air (not that I’d know – I had the sun-roof option!) Still no pain no gain!!

More pain followed, I took Jack clothes shopping. Don’t get me wrong he’s not choosy he knows what he likes – trackie bottoms and hoodies. But they have to be plain and grey. Now trying to get plain is not as easy as you think. Thankfully H & M came to the rescue and we headed to Pizza Express for lunch. The food was lovely and the service was great but I’m not sure I’ll be going again. Why? Well according to the young lad who served us they are not allowed to wear Remembrance DayPoppies. Now I thought he meant because of health and safety issues- but no. It’s in case they offend other cultures – now I really have heard it all.

Totally Disgusted with Pizza Express

Awaiting a reply to my e-mail to them

Bring it on


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