Sorting the Drawers…………….

So first day of half term, a chance to relax and have a lie-in……By 7:30 I was stood ironing – great. Yep the clocks may have gone back an hour but my body clock hasn’t – I wouldn’t mind but I did my best to stay awake past 10:30 last night. Believe me it wasn’t easy I need my sleep. On the plus side by nine the ironing mountain was no more- not for long though I washed another 3 loads today.

As per usual I have a list of things I need to do in the holidays, will I complete it by the end of the week – I doubt it. I have failed in the last seven years of school holidays I really can’t see this one being any different. At least I’ve got off to a good start with 3 jobs crossed off already. Best of all the ‘kitchen drawer’ is tidy. You know the one I mean, the one where you shove everything that doesn’t have anywhere to go. It took some doing as one drawer has become two – serves me right for not doing it last holidays. Can’t believe the stuff I found. Just how many phone chargers does one house need, then there were suitcase keys – loads of them. Eight allen keys (just who is Allen?!), 17 pens, screws of various sizes,2 of Jack’s teeth and a patch for a paddling pool and that was just the first drawer!! Sadly I didn’t find a sports watch that actually works cos boy do I need one.

Yep, my amazing Nike+ sportswatch  (it never works) is playing at silly buggers again. Lat week it was way out with the mileage which is hilarious as I only ran 3 miles today it got to 2.4 mile and gave up measuring the distance. Apparently I’ve run 2.4 miles in 38 minutes. Now I know I’ve got a niggly knee but it’s not that bad. I thought the patch Nike uploaded last week was supposed to have improved it. I might have been better with the paddling pool patch!! I’ve chucked the watch in the ‘Kitchen drawer’ you know the one I mean…………

Another 4.5 miles logged

Hope the physio’s pleased tomorrow

Bring it on


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