An Hour Gained……………..Maybe Not!

Lost Eskimo

The ref was rubbish at Hide n Seek……

It’s all well and good the clocks going back and getting an extra hour in bed -if you sleep. If you don’t it’s a long day. Typically today I woke up earlier than usual and gained no benefit from the extra hour- still at least the stew was in the slow cooker long before we headed to rugby. Yep the second round of the cup was upon us and with tougher opposition to play would we make it through…..

Well we did but the way lads started you’d have thought we’d lost an hour not gained one. Still it all came good in the end and we’re in the draw for the quarter finals. The only downside is our calm and collected coach is heading to the other side of the world for a few weeks and he’s left the not so calm psycho lunatic coach in charge . The last time he dared leave us he’d only just boarded the plane when psycho lunatic had threatened to break the ref’s legs and had to be dragged off the pitch kicking and screaming (for once I’m not exaggerating!) – it’s going to be a long month.

Through to the next round and the stew was delicious

No work tomorrow

Bring it on

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