Snakes Alive……….Maybe Not!

A change in day for Jack’s rugby (they play tomorrow) meant we had our weekly bike ride a day early. Fortunately, despite the weathermans prediction for snow and frost we awoke to glorious sunshine and a sneaky wind. A bloody biting sneaky wind but still you can’t have everything! Hubby chose the route today – most of it off-road. Most of it off-road, through mud and down dead tree strewn steep hills – I seriously think he was trying to kill me. I loved his top tip of ‘it’s easier if you stand up and lean back’ yea right – not flaming likely. Still I survived – just!  Another 11 mile off-road route to add to the collection.

So with cycling out-of-the-way I headed out for an afternoon walk with the ‘old folks’. My Mum and Dad wanted to know where Walton Nature Park was, so I took them. Now my dad has a wealth of information about all things outdoor. You name it he knows it, me – I don’t have a clue. I just guess, or make it up. Thanks to Dad I now know that the picture of the swans skating on the ice that  I took earlier in didn’t actually have any swans on it – they were geese. Whoops. Maybe I should have listened more when I was younger. So we continued on our way with Don ‘The Bird Whisperer’ tweeting at anything that would listen. Thing is, Mum and I are convinced the bird tweet we thought we had heard was actually some tree branches creaking in the wind. My Dad, however, well my dad would still be stood there making bird noises if we hadn’t dragged him away.

Looking back, I think my mum wishes we’d have stayed making bird noises. The next creature we came across definitely wasn’t her favourite, in fact she has a real phobia about them. But then you don’t really expect to see a snake hanging from a tree in the middle of Wakefield.Thankfully it was dead, I know it was dead cos my Dad poked it to check – like you do!! For some reason Mum wanted to go home after that – can’t think why…..

A fab day cycling and walking

Second round of the cup tomorrow

Bring it on


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