Whatever the Weather……………

So despite the very busy weekend and feeling so tired that I could have rolled over when the alarm fired up and had another forty winks I still managed to drag myself out of the door and go for a run. Yep 5:45 saw me running down the street and into the fog – mad I know, but that’s runners for you. It was just short of 3 miles and I loved every minute of it- I’d forgotten just how much I like early morning running. Even better news was the fact that from a knee point of view, it was another pain free run. I’m feeling pretty chuffed.

So with my run done, it was time for a quick shower and breakfast before heading to work on my bike. Not sure when the fog turned to fog and lashing down rain – probably around the time I got my bike out of the shed. Exactly an hour after drying and straightening my hair I was drying and straightening again – I’m seriously considering wearing a shower cap under my helmet. It wouldn’t be so bad if once wet my hair dried into nice curls, but no. I turn into Crystal Tips (70’s cartoon character for those too young to remember!) I suppose I could have gone in the car and saved my hair but I really needed to get my legs moving. Saturday’s nearly 13 mile bike ride has caused my thighs to seize up. It’s a good job I’m not seeing my Physio this week, if he thought I was walking bad last week, this week -well!!

One run, two bike rides done

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on

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