Watch out ‘Lazy Arse’…………….The Comebacks On!

So within the space of 5 minutes I’d been told I had a ‘lazy arse’ and I walked like a ‘french tart’ – I love my physio. Yes its now a week since my last appointment and the news that I wasn’t totally doomed to a life of a lard arse.  Things in the ‘out of line knee-cap’ department are definitely on the up.  Today I had my gait analysis done – it didn’t make for good reading. It did, however make an amazing pattern all over the screen. Just not the pattern the physio wanted to see. When he compared mine to that of a normal runner (!) there was no comparison. I looked at the screen and wondered how the hell I stay on my feet never mind run for miles.

Still, it wasn’t all bad news – I do have amazing muscle formation in my legs and my butt cheeks – I’m doing something right- maybe. The problem is I don’t use my amazing arse muscles when I walk/run – hence the ‘lazy arse’. Nor do I move my right side properly when I walk and I don’t use my toes – god I must look a right spanner out running!! Something somewhere just isn’t working. But not to worry the physio is on the case.

So now I’ve got orthotics in my shoes a strapping on my knee and I can’t wait to see what next week brings. But the good news is come Saturday, even in my out of line state, I can run – a whole 3 miles and I can’t wait……The come back is on……………

4 days till a run and counting

Back to full fitness soon

Bring it on!


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