The Camera Shy Dragonfly…………….

So hubby survived the lads  night out relatively unscathed and home by half past one – lightweight. I lasted until 3 o clock the last time I went out!!! Alas he didn’t awake refreshed enough to go out for our weekly bike ride, but a fry-up at the local garden centre gave him enough energy to do the ironing before he retired to the sofa for a rest. Meanwhile Jack and I took full advantage of the glorious weather and headed out to the local nature park.

It was a lovely walk and Jack spent time catapulting any thing that moved while I went and played with my camera, although I got some ok shots I failed in my mission to get the dragonfly I was after – every time I got the flaming thing in shot it flew off – I lost patience in the end. Maybe I should stick to the rugby photos…..

Once home it was time to give my reassembled cross trainer a go. With running still a no go I need to do something else and I’m now glad I didn’t sell it when I bought my treadmill – who needs to go to the gym, I’ve got it all. So how was it…….bloody hard work. I used to be able to do hours on it, I managed 10 minutes. It’s a start, just not the one I wanted.

Feeling like an unfit lump of lard

Cycling and Cross trainer tomorrow

Bring it on

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