In Knee’d of some sleep……..

So I’m sat staring at the screen and wondering what to write about. I can’t tell you what happened on my run because thats banned at the minute, I didn’t cycle today as I had the ‘Asda Big Shop’ to do – boring! I could tell you about something funny at school except not much happened there either – though I must confess, I was so tired most of it passed in a blur. Not the best of nights sleep last night – while the strapping on my knee is allowing me to move it more – it’s still not a happy knee. I know- it throbbed all night. Still no pain no gain.

 At least it’s Friday tomorrow – the weekend is almost upon us. Wahoo It was going to be a rugby free weekend – the team Jack was due to play cried off, they didn’t want to get hurt! Erm it’s Rugby League, not ballet dancing.( I won’t name and shame the team – though it starts with an S and the second bit rhymes with dangers….) Anyhow we now have a friendly with a team that we have drawn to play in the cup the following week ( the draw was made after the friendly was arranged)- could be a good game that. 

Boredom’s kicking in

Out on the bike tomorrow before I crack up

Bring in on

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