Boris Mega Bike and the Attack of the Mozzies…………..

Well I got to the end of the road where school is this morning and nearly (very,very nearly) pedaled on by. Not only was it a beautiful morning ,but Boris mega bike is awesome, even the sore knee went unnoticed – until I stopped. Yep the new bike is a huge success, just needs the seat tightening (Ernie forgot) thought I was sliding about a bit, and some winter tyres- no really. I thought Ernie was kidding when he mentioned it last night, but (and I hate to admit it) he’s right. Not that there’s anything wrong with the new tyres but they’re no good in the mud and it doesn’t matter which way home I go – I hit the mud at some point.

The cycle home was split in two by a school rugby match, yesterdays- which I was meant to go watch was cancelled, so as I pass Jacks school on my way home anyway, I decided to call in and see how they were doing. I was glad I did – they played some half decent stuff with only 11 players and thrashed the opposition – not bad for a team that have yet to train together and a P.E teacher who doesn’t know the rules!! Downside of calling in to watch the rugby game – you can now draw a dot to dot on my face. The school field is next to a beck and maybe it was due to the improtu sunshine but the whole place was swarming with mozzies – now I look like I’ve been eaten alive – hopefully the piriton kicks in by morning or Ill be going to work with a bag on my head.

Nearly seven miles cycled

Year 2 P.E in the morning

Bring it on

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