Not Much of a Day………………..

A funny old day today really,not sure why, just one of those not much point to it days (can you tell I’m missing my running)  It was ridiculously dark when I woke up, so dark I was convinced hubby had got the alarm wrong – but alas no, looks like the dark mornings are back – summers over (did I miss it!!) Time to dig the boots out for playground duty – sigh!

Still the good news is ‘new Boris’ arrives tomorrow – I would have had it today but I missed the delivery guy – he can’t arrive soon enough – Boris, not the delivery guy. I just about made it to work and back on Mavis. To be fair she’s not a bad bike until you get to a hill then, well then no matter how hard I pedal I don’t get anywhere, only backwards – not a good look. Still at least I made it home without any falling off incidents – always a bonus.

Much as I love cycling,  pedalling home in the rain splashing through puddles is a great feeling, it doesn’t give me the same buzz as running. Hopefully it will do soon or it’s going to be a long six weeks.

Just 4 miles on the bike today

Can’t wait to try out the new Boris

Bring it on

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