Kneesy Does it……………….

Running in the rain, then a sing-song in the bath what more could a girl ask for? Well I could ask for my left knee to return to the same size as my right – that would be a start. It felt fine while I was running (well fine for me) it felt fine in the bath. Now, well now I could cry – think labour pains but in the knee (not that I ever had any real labour pains as I had to have the sun roof option!) its agony. It’s my own fault really- I had warning signs this morning when my knee seized up while driving to work, something went twang and that was that. I had to drive to work in third gear, I couldn’t push my leg down on the clutch – I knew I should have gone on my bike!! It was nearly two hours later before whatever had gone twang moved back into place – phew, or so I thought.

Hopefully the bag of ’emergency peas’ works and it will be fine come morning.  I’ve no run planned tomorrow – it’s a rest day- well apart from a ‘ickle cycle’ to work and back!! It will have to be right I don’t do rest and recovery – I haven’t got time.

A fab run in the rain

Pain free tomorrow

Bring it on

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. John
    Sep 25, 2012 @ 20:31:40

    Good luck with the knee.


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