A Flasher of Inspiration………………….

Well our local newspaper has become a revelation over the last few weeks – I normally only buy it for the ‘births, deaths and marriages’ and ‘reports from the courts’ bit – come on admit it, you do as well. However recently we’ve had the ‘brothel on our street’ scandal and today, well today we had the scandal of the ‘Wakefield Flasher’. Only the story in the paper doesn’t quite match the story a certain person told his boss yesterday. Yep, ‘Fat Pat the flasher’ only works at hubby’s place and if you believe his story (Fat Pat, not Hubby) he had been for a wee while fishing and the police had mistaken him shaking his todge for having a……………well you get the picture!! Only the paper seem to give a rather different version as did the court. Having a wee in a bush you could maybe understand but then he went on to have a further 2′ wee’s’ in the strangest of places – like in the middle of a road and outside a nightclub. Perhaps even more strange the said ‘wee’s’ (a-hem) happened while in his car – god knows what the poor women he waved his todge at thought – thank-god I missed him as he was waving his todge in the middle of the road that I run/cycle along every day -pft!!!

 To be honest the hot gossip cheered my morning up as I was feeling cross at myself for rolling over and having another 5 minutes instead of dashing out the door for a quick sprint. Still I did redeem myself by cycling to work in the rain – yep I am not a fair-weather cycler! However the nice weatherman said it would brighten up mid morning so I had a nice route home planned. At four o clock it was wanging it down ,full on hammering rain ,brill. But I enjoyed every skin soaking minute of it -sad I know. Amazingly the rain stopped when I got home………………..

6ish soggy miles cycled

Sunny Rugby tomorrow

Bring it on


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