Captain Underpants in the Car Park at Crigg…..

They’re back – the dreaded ‘Wendy-Ball’ P.E Sessions, my favourite game in the whole wide world (not) – honestly I prefer my ‘rolling round like a tit’ being a fish under the sea dance – sort of! Still at least the Wendy-ball is made much more fun by the guy who teaches it – Dennis. The most politically incorrect guy your ever likely to meet – well apart from one other person I know who I’ll mention later. Anyway Dennis has the ‘magic touch’ with the kids. They love been called ‘plant pot’, ‘duck egg’ and ‘cloth ears’ and when he yells ‘tha’s art’ (yorkshire for you are out of the game!) no one crys!  Best laugh today has to be when he asked a certain curly-haired kid if he’d been to bed in his rollers – I kept my face straight – just!!

So with ‘wendy-ball’ work over and the Asda big shop out-of-the-way, it was time to drop Jack at rugby training and go for a run. Now Jack’s rugby coach is another ‘say as you see’ type of bloke – his very first training session he called one kid ginner and gasps could be heard -kids nowadays have no idea. I’ve got to say Jack has learned fast – his favorite word is now ‘chuffing’, he moans when his hormonally challenged team-mate has the ‘tit on’ he loves ‘laiking art’ and gets well ratty if someone fannies about and they ‘av to run abart’ – they’re the printable ones. So when Jacks rugby coach decided to drop his keks(trousers) in the middle of the carpark to change out of his work stuff.  none of us ‘took on’ when he stood there in his undercrackers. Mind you, when he plastered our front room he did the same thing every morning – god only knows what the neighbours thought!!

So no P.E tomorrow due to an inspire morning (don’t ask) looks like I’ll have to wait until next week to do my ‘Ariel Dance’ I’ve practised all week for nowt – pft!!

Wendy ball out of the way – 7.7 mile run done

Short sprint in the morning

Bring it on

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