One Block or Two……………

Mmmm, what to blog about today – I feel a bit of a writer’s block coming on – I’m so tired I can’t think what to write about. Mind you I think I’m suffering with more than one block – my face feels like it’s had a good kicking – a sinus blockage is definitely on the way. Quite how they get blocked when I’m always out in the ‘fresh air’ that supposedly ‘clears your head’, I’ll never know! Still it could be worse I could be like the pigeon I saw on the way home – headless. It wasn’t running around though – it must just be chickens that can do that!!!

It’s not that I haven’t done anything today – I’ve cycled twice, worked and been out for a nice meal with some of the family for my Nieces ‘welcome home, now goodbye’ meal. She’s home from working in France and is back to London for Uni on Sunday. Oh to be young again – not that I ever worked away from home or went to Uni but you know what I mean!!

Now I’m sat watching Grand Designs and to be honest I couldn’t give a toss whether they build their amazing  minimalist box home or not – give me a nice  old-fashioned building any day – all that lovely greenery and they build an overgrown shoe box in the middle of it – now they don’t know how to fit windows in it………………..I’m off to bed!!

6 miles cycled

unblocked sinuses tomorrow

Bring it on

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