World War Three Under the Sea or 3 kids duffing one another up!!!

Well in the end  I didn’t cycle in my gig lamps, the howling wind put pay to that. I nearly did, but then hubby text to say he’d struggled to say on his bike-I wasn’t risking getting blown under the 110 bus just for the sake of my fitness!! Still I did plenty to improve my fitness today – I’m sure prancing round the school hall being a wave helps! Yep, I’m back to teaching Key stage one dance – wahoo!! I love it really. Thankfully due to this new creative curriculum malarkey I no longer have to do the stupid ‘Cat dance’, which is great news as for one thing I hate cats and for another I feel a right tit crawling round on my hands and knees with my imaginary tail in the air!! Takes me back to my own primary school when you had to be a leaf falling from a tree (!!) Mind You, and I may have mentioned this before, but I once did a P.E course where we had to run around with a chiffon scarf pretending to be washing on a line and then we had to be a giraffe who couldn’t dance (don’t ask) If I remember rightly it was also the same P.E course when I got sent off for flooring one of my opponents in ‘tag rugby’. I couldn’t help myself – my competitive side kicked in and I forget it wasn’t’ proper rugby’. I still passed the course though!!

Anyway, back to the dance – today we were ‘under the sea’, Little Mermaid style. Having watched a clip from the film  we thought about which of the little fishes we could be and danced along to the music. They/we  did really well, we had mermaids (they’re not being Ariel though – I’m having the lead role!!) puffa fish, seahorses, angel fish,eels,starfish and the ‘I’m going to twat my little playmate’ fish – I’m sure that one wasn’t in the film! That made me a very ‘angry fish’. I think they got the message. Can’t wait for next week.

So feeling all danced out maybe a trip to Ikea after work wasn’t the best of ideas. It took for ever to get there, all for the sake of a fat pillow for hubby( and a little look round) Thing was, there was a million and one pillows to choose from – when did pillows become so scientific. They now do pillows for side sleepers, back sleepers, tummy sleepers but no where was there a pillow for bed-hogging snoring starfish sleepers. Still after prodding loads of them hubby now has a new pillow, I only hope it’s the right one I can’t face prodding all those pillows again!

Friday at Last

Rugby Playoffs tomorrow

Bring it On

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