Eye Made It !!!

So for the second time in a week I’ve got conjunctivitis – the joys of working with kids!! I had it all last weekend and now its back – brill!! There was a time when kids were sent home from school with gooey eyes but alas they’re now allowed in, spreading their goo where ever they go. For the second time in 6 days I’ve had to throw my contact lenses away – I’m not happy or made of money!! My eyes started itching this afternoon – I knew what was coming, by hometime the green goo had started to appear.I managed to persevere with my lenses until I’d run, but I daren’t blink driving home for fear of my eyelids glueing together – nice!! Looks like a day in the glasses tomorrow.

Despite my dodgy eyes we  had a great run , up hill and down dale, well not exactly a dale but it was down, and so deep were we in conversation the uphills, and boy they were up, passed with relative ease (nearly). Non-stop chatter for the best part of half an hour before we even took a look at the ever reliable Nike+ Sportswatch – never works (except it’s not doing bad as long as I don’t press pause!) to see how we were doing. For the first time in weeks I finally feel like the fitness is returning. Mind you I’d be pretty p’d of if it wasn’t -I’ve worked bloody hard!!!

Another nearly 8 miles logged

Cycling with the gig-lamps on tomorrow – should be fun!

Bring it on!!!

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