Dark Mornings and Homework Warnings……………

So Monday morning dawned and it’s fair to say the dark mornings are on their way back – boo. It’s the last thing you want/need when you wake up in zombie mode. Still it’s my own fault for watching to the very end of the Paralympics (sob) , I did think I’d drop straight off due to my emotional state – come on it was pretty tear jerking stuff. But no chance, I’d just about dropped off when the clanking of the cemetery gates being opened (they’re locked now to keep the scummy druggies out!) woke me up – six o clock, joy of joys time to get up. Think I’d finished my ten minute ‘bingo wing workout ‘ before my eyes opened. Still by the time I’d cycled to work I was wide awake – good job really seen as I nearly got knocked over by a driving instructor, driving (not reversing) out of his drive. Maybe he hadn’t got round to opening his eyes either – knob!!

Another thing seemingly on the way back is Jack’s ridiculous amount of homework – leading the way is Queen of Homework – the R.E teacher. Don’t think she’ll be too chuffed about his front cover of ‘things we care about’ – he’s drawn a rugby ball, rugby sticks, golf clubs, our house and us with the title ‘What Matters’. Seems fine to me but not sure she’ll see it in the same light!  Take a hint Homework Queen!!!

Despite my original zombie state, things definitely improved as the day went on – so much so that not only did I cycle home (the scenic route) I then ran six miles straight after – well once I’d swapped my cycle shorts (padded in all the right places) for my running shorts (cling to all the wrong places)  pity there wasn’t somewhere decent to swim – you’ll not get me in some minging pond – I could have done my first triathlon, does a deep bath count as a swim!!

2 cycles and one run done

less of a zombie tomorrow

Bring it On


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