Bikes, Brothels and a bloody good win……………..

So a week later than planned the Junior ‘Summer’ Rugby Season re-start finally re-started and despite my fears about the kit nobody really noticed . To be honest we were all  A) basking in the glorious sunshine and B) basking in glory watching the amazing rugby skills on show. (I know I’m biased but they are bloody good!) Yep true team performance and having done the maths if we beat next weeks opposition the league title is ours with 4 games still to go. Tougher opposition next week . It does show what a farce this summer rugby thing is though- todays opposition have now played all their fixtures and in reality won’t kick another ball until March – if (Big If) the play-offs happen we’ll still be playing in November. Wish we could go back to winter rugby!!!

It was basking in the sun that put pay to my ten-mile run today – well that’s the best excuse I can think of. I wish I’d have stuck to my original plan of running to this mornings game – but then I’d have had to stand there like sweaty betty so I had decided I’d run home until I realised we were in for a scorcher and I’d be running at the hottest part of the day. Then…….well then I was just a lazy git and sun bathed but in my defence I have already run four times this week, cycled to work and back every day (nearly) and I’m biking with hubby in the morning -not that lazy really!!

The hunt for the mystery brothel continues (see yesterday blog).I’ve walked the length of the street  and there’s not a red light in sight (!) nor any random cars noises or comings and goings. It’s definitely going on though – I messaged our local Inspector on Facebook. No, really. Our local police team have their own Facebook page. So I now have it in writing  – there is more than one hooker on the street (Jack plays hooker in rugby- for those who don’t get it – well he’s more of an half-back now but then it would ruin my joke!!) For some reason my police Facebook friend wouldn’t tell me which house……………..the hunt continues!!!

50-4 winners this morning

Out on the bike/looking for the local bike (!) tomorrow

Bring it on


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