Jelly Legs but not giving in ……………..Yet!!

So one more day and that’s the first week of term over, it’s gone pretty well really but I’ve got to admit to missing the kids from year six. Still Class five seem a nice bunch, I’m sure we’re going to have lots of fun in the year ahead. Tiredness is kicking in now though, not sure if it’s work, the cycling there and back or both. Chance to rest my legs tomorrow  as I’ll have to go in the car or I’ll never get back in time for the hairdresser – good enough excuse- I think.

All in all, cycling to work has gone pretty well, I’ve nearly sussed out the best route there so I avoid trying to cross the traffic – its chaos on a morning and I’m already thinking of extending the scenic route home. Whether I’ll still feel the same when its p’ing it down with rain – only time will tell and although I’m feeling a bit  jelly – legged when I run an hour or so after cycling I’m sure in the long run it will improve my fitness.Not that I’m going to complain – I’m sat watching the Paralympics again, and when you see what those guys go through and how many events they do, what have I got to complain about.

I’ve got some top tips for cyclists though;

  • Don’t wear lip gloss when cycling – by the time you get to work a swarm of flies are plastered to your face.
  • Do wear cycling glasses – ‘fly in the eye’ is no fun!
  • Get a loud hooter rather than a bell – ramblers(especially grumpy old ones) don’t listen – or move-I’ve spent all week shouting ding-ding at the top of my voice!
  • Remember some cars seem to think the cycle lane belongs to them – They’re usually the cars driven by Knobs!
  • Beware of low flying birds – honestly they’re psycho birds round here.
  • Do make sure you can raise your right or left arm when turning – I can only turn right, I loose my balance when I put my left arm out………………….

More tips to follow as time goes by – watch this space!

Well Done Paralympic Team GB

More Cycling and Running done

Rest Day Tomorrow

Bring it On

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