Junior Rugby is Back…………….Maybe Not.

 Finally today was the day that Jack’s Rugby re-started.You know, this amazing new ‘Summer League’, that’s been a joke since the day it started.( I really need to bring my rugby blog up to date)  More stop than start – only you’re not allowed to criticize the powers that be or you face the firing squad at Dawn!!  Todays game was cancelled as the opposition didn’t have enough players for a team – which is understandable as technically it is still the school holidays. However maybe our recent 2 encounters had something to do with it, we’ve beaten them twice 60-0 in one game and we were winning 38 -0 in the other until their coach head butted the ref – game over!!! Cynical, me? Never!!!

So Hubby and I took full advantage of the free morning and headed out on our bikes, the campaign to get my fitness back continues. We headed to our usual route adding in another loop to take us to 8.5 miles of mainly off road tracks. The last few days rain made for some very muddy tracks – it was ace and unlike when we were kids and got told off for riding through puddles today we could ride through them as much as we wanted – no nasty grown-ups to tell us off – bliss! 

Once showered and mud free we headed out to Xscape for lunch and a quick look in the cycling shop – yep we’re turning into ‘cycle saddos’. The place was packed – didn’t realise there was a ‘Stars and their Cars’ exhibition on. Now I get the ‘having a car’ bit but I fail to see the need to dress up like Batman, Ghostbusters and even Delboy and Rodney to go with the car. Grown men wearing ‘Iron Man’ outfits………………….

Once home we watched some more of the Paralympics – I’m loving the events but sick to death of the crappy coverage. We just get to a good bit and the adverts come on – personally I think these athletes deserve better. You’re not going to inspire a generation with a load of adverts from the sponsors – come on Channel 4, get a grip!!

Anyway, Ellie Simmonds amazing swim(they managed to show the full 400m without any adverts) inspired me to squeeze a sneaky nearly four mile run in before the rugby came on – thankfully Super League teams don’t have ‘players on holiday’ issues. Big thanks to Hull FC for beating Bradford – We just need Wakey to beat Widnes tomorrow now and we could make the play-offs yet! C’mon Wakey.

Running and cycling done

Cycling and Super League tomorrow

Bring it on.




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