I Name this Bike………………………Boris

So after some careful consideration and helpful (or not so helpful) suggestions from other people I have decided on a name for my ‘nearly new’ old bike. It’s Olympic themed- sort of, and after suggestions of naming the bike after fast Olympians I’ve decided to name it after the slowest. In fact he’s not even an Olympian, but love or loathe him he has been instrumental in the recent games and although at times he is an absolute buffoon I quite like him – so my bike is now named ‘BORIS’

Boris got a rest today though, so I could give my newer bike a go – see which I prefer. Boris is winning hands down at the minute. Mind you I had already done a six-mile run so the dodgy knee’s were sore – not really a fair test.

Yes, today I kicked the CBA syndrome into touch and despite the ridiculous heat (I’m rubbish at running when it’s hot) I managed a steady six miler – why didn’t I run in the morning when it was wanging it down!!!! Still the lovely weather made for some lovely views around the nature park and running with the various rabbits, birds, and massive dragon fly type things (forget what their real name was – I’ll have to re-read the sign tomorrow!) almost made me forget about the heat! Best of all was the woodpecker – looked nothing like Woody Woodpecker though and didn’t make daft noises either – but it was lovely to see – where’s my camera when I need it!

So a run and a bike ride all in one day – only need a swim and I’m on my way to a triathlon. But looking at some of the open water sites in Wakefield I don’t think that will be happening any time soon.

Run done, Cycle done

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on

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