Piles of Rubble and Trev the Sheep…

Well I don’t know where to start today we’ve had such a good time, hours of outdoor fun and best thing of all most of it was free- granted we’ve had to pay for accomodation etc, but you know what I mean!!

Anyway the day started with the slow bus to Castleton, this morning it was full of walkers- how did I know? Have you seem what some of them wear!!! I thought we looked the part with walking boots , trousers, fleece and a rucksack, but no. You need shorts, long things from your knees to your boots (why not just wear trousers !) a daft hat (think the Aussie one with corks- without the corks) various things hanging round your neck- maps , compass, whistle (!) walking poles, rucksack with various utensils hanging off it and a camera, binoculars and a torch. Funny how most of them were on the same walk as us- we didn’t use half that stuff, more on that later!

So first up today was Peveril Castle, perched high on the hillside, my knees know it was high, they’ve seized up! Still it was worth the steep climb if only for the views. But the castle was fab as well so fab we were probably there longer than anyone else who arrived the same time as us . I do get baffled by people who turn up at ruinous sites and then moan it’s a pile of rubble……er clues in the ruinous site bit! God knows what they’d make of Sandal Castle where I live- now that is far nearer to a pile of rubble but you can still tell what it used to be and I for one love it!

Back to today,with the castle done we had a spot of lunch and a chance to people watch. You do see the strangest things- although some of the walkers seemed OTT for the walks ahead at least they were prepared. For those in highheels, flip flops cropped shorts, suntops you kind of wondered what the hell they we’re thinking. And then there were the mini kids in plastic shoes, pumps and no coats, jumpers or anything remotely weatherproof. No wonder they were turning back from the walks and heading back to the village.

So with lunch done it was time for us to take on Mam Tor- now over the last few days I have studied every leaflet and map going looking for a route that wasn’t going to kill Jack ‘s little leggies but still be classed as a decent walk- did I use any of them…..er no! While other walkers waved a compass and unfurled maps I followed my nose- took us right back to the bus stop- just call me Bear Gryls!!!

Mind you, if I’m Bear Gryls, Jack is Dr Doolittle. If you ever need to talk to a sheep, Jacks your man. Not only did ‘Trev the sheep’ respond to Jacks baaing it followed us halfway down the flaming hill- left all his sheep mates behind- have you ever tried ignoring a bounding sheep. I was seriously worried it was going to get the bus back with us – I’d only paid return for two !!!!!

So we conquered Mam Tor- using our own route- the let’s see where this path goes route- it worked. Then it was back to the B&B to celebrate with a nice cool beer, trouble is Dr Doolittle was back in action- we shared our beer with a couple of pigs- don’t ask!! Don’t think I’ll be having bacon in the morning……

Mam Tor done

Hoping to take Dr Doolittle on another walk tomorrow

Bring it on







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  1. Hannah Dawson
    Aug 19, 2012 @ 21:39:20

    Ha, the walkers are exactly the same here! Massive rucksacks and huge boots and poles (even when they’re on the road!). I get some incredibly funny looks when I’m in my trainers haha. Though apparently those poles do help you burn calories.,


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