A Devils Arse and a Map Reading Headache

So we made it back from Castleton in one piece- granted we were piss wet through (guess who forgot the waterproof bottoms – whoops) and exhausted but we’ve had a fab day!!!

Although to be honest I’m amazed we made it there at all. I know Peak District pace is slightly slower than inner city but just our luck to have a bus driver who should have retired years ago- I confused him asking for a day rover ticket so when 20 Brownies and 3 boss brownies got on…. 10 minutes later he was still adding up the fares. We arrived in Castleton 20 minutes late- oh well all adds to the fun!!

First stop was the information centre, to pick up a few ideas for the day ahead- I now have enough info leaflets to paper the front room and as for maps- arrgghh!Anyway next stop was a trip down to the underground cave aptly named ‘Devils Arse’ Cue one very interested 12 year old- know how to make things more appealing in the future- stick the word ‘arse’ in it!! Jack hung onto the tour guides everyword and was fascinated by the rope making that was part of the tour.So fascinated he bought himself a piece of the rope they made- now our room stinks of outdoor minging sheep type smells- lovely.

After that we headed to the Speedwell lead mines- I remember doing this at school, I don’t remember it being so bleeding scary- squashed in a tunnel in a boat steered by a dude pushing his arms on the ceiling is not my idea of fun!! Once we got back to the surface I really enjoyed it……..

So having run out of time to do all we wanted we’re heading back on the slow bus tomorrow to take in Pervil Castle then a walk up/ along Mam Tor- that’s if I ever suss these maps out- boy I wish I’d listened in geography!!

A fab day out

More of the same tomorrow

Bring it on







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