Arty or not………………

So firstly, please like tonight blog cos it has taken me a bleeding age to get these photos on here. It was bad enough that I mistakenly took all the photos in RAW form so I had to fanny about (technical photography term) and convert them. Then the laptop uploaded them at the same speed as that african rower dude in the Olympics – slowly. Still I haven’t given in so here we go.

Today my brother and I had a morning out at The Hepworth Gallery. Now there has been mixed reviews about Wakefield’s biggest attraction – you either love or loathe it. The first time I visited it was with a class of 5 & 6 year olds so I didn’t really get a good look – but some of the Hepworth Sculptures I did see were just like some of the bizarre ornaments you see in Ikea – I wasn’t that impressed. However I’m all for giving things another chance and I’m glad I did.

Don’t get me wrong some of the stuff I saw I just didn’t get and I still don’t get what the big thing is about Barbara Hepworth – not my cup of tea at all. But some of the other stuff just blew me away- especially Richard Long’s work – never heard of the fellow before today but I’m definitely interested now.  All in all it was a good morning out – the coffee shop is fab and so inspired were we by what we had seen (well some of it) we started making our own arty pictures with the camera before we left! Not sure what the gallery would think of it but you never know!!!

Anyway there are pics below of what we saw- likes and dislikes and some of our own attempts at art, you might be the first person to see an artist in the making!!!!

A day at the gallery done

Sculpture park next

Bring it on

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