Queen of………….Ironing!!!

So with Jack doing his best Sleeping beauty impression (he has to have at least 10 hours sleep) and staying in bed until 9:30 I had a chance to attack the ironing pile – and what a pile it was. Even chucking Jack’s school uniform in the bin (it won’t fit come September) did nothing to reduce the size of the mountain taking over the kitchen. But now it’s gone – it took two hours but it’s gone. Trouble is this gorgeous weather ( 4 days now) means the next lot is washed and dried and in the basket waiting – let’s hope he sleeps in tomorrow!

So with the ironing done it was time to head up to the rugby club so Jack could practise his kicking , top tip of the day – don’t wear flip-flops when kicking a rugby ball – it hurts!!!  I’ve got a lovely bruise forming on top of my foot – whoops. Still the flip-flops didn’t hinder my kicking skills – I was just as rubbish as ever.

As the day wore on the weather got hotter and muggier – really not the best of conditions for my second run back – I hate warm weather running as it is. Still needs must if I want my fitness back. Thankfully I had my running friend to drag me round and we had a good old natter into between the bursts  of running. That’s the  world put to rights again.

Just call me the Queen of the Ironing Pile

Bike ride tomorrow

Bring it on



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