Sun, Run and Camera Fun…………….Sort of

So day three of the holidays – day three of the sunshine- just what is going on? Are we really going to have a , dare I say it, Summer!  Well I’m not holding my breath ( I can’t – I’m asthmatic!) Anyway, another day of sunshine meant the garden fence and shed have all now been ronsealed – as has my hair, face, arms and legs – how do I mange to get more on me than the fence – come this afternoon I had more spots than a dalmatian. Thankfully it washes off – first time I’ve had to have a shower before a run!

Yes as promised I managed a run, it was only 3 miles and not very fast but considering the heat, warm wind and my aching legs after playing on the trampoline yesterday (top tip – don’t wear a boob-tube when trampolining!) it was a better effort than expected. Granted I was bright red when I finished and felt like I was going to die – but it was good to have the running shoes back on -even my amazing Nike+ sportswatch (it never works) was almost accurate.

So after another shower it was time to go to, wait for it………………Camera Club. Yep, I’ve turned into a total square but I’m at least hoping to be a square who knows how to use a camera. How did it go? Well, there were some very odd looking people, some very old people and ……………….Well it was ok! It was competition night so we had to look at various pictures and the judge talked us through what was right and wrong and then he picked a winner. A controversial winner judging by the mutterings from the very odd, old people! Anyway I’m going to give it another go as I’m sure I might pick some tips up. Next week we’re off to Newmillerdam to take pictures of wild flowers – we need to bring our ‘Macros’. I thought Macro was a shop – oh well I’ll give it my best shot!!

Running shoes back on

Run a bit further tomorrow

Bring it on


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