Goodbye Year Six…………………

So that’s it, they’ve gone. The class of 2012 are no more. Come September they’ll be in High School and we will be all but a distant memory. It’s scary where the time has gone really, it doesn’t seem 2 minutes since they were in year one and now that’s it- Primary School is finished. Still they’ve had a great send off what with concerts, trips and finally the ‘Prom’.

Yep last night they were all in their ‘Party Clothes’ ready for their special night. It’s fair to say that ‘Party Clothes’ have  changed somewhat since my day. When I was a little girl, party dresses were gross – full on girlie things with bows, lace and frills – usually made by your mum. I had an older sister so not only were mine home-made but they were hand-me-downs….Fab. Make no wonder I had an aversion for all things girlie as I grew up- still do! I nearly got wed in a pair of satin dockers till mum put her foot down.(I did have a girlie dress though!) Anyway, back to last night. So they all turned up in some extremely gorgeous dresses (girls not boys) and had a great time. Food, drinks (drunk on Shloer!) party games a disco and finally the ‘Last Dance’. Now that was great to watch – awkwardly holding one another at arm’s length and rocking from side to side without moving for a whole song – bless them. Still they all had a great time and the photos show it.

So this morning all that was left to do was last assembly and that was that – sob – Goodbye to the best class I’ve ever worked with.

So now the holidays loom and finally I can get back to running – what with work and iron infusions running hasn’t happened but a few days of rest and I will be back and hopefully soon back to my best. Watch this space.

Schools out

Holidays are here

Bring it on

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