The Countdown Is On…………..

So I finally finished wading through the rugby-related photos at about half eleven last night – the last ones are uploading as we speak so just the school ones to go through and the Prom pics to take and then I can get back to playing with the creative bits of the camera. Wahoo – I can’t wait. I’m even thinking of joining a photography club – then you can all call me David Bailey, or a right saddo not sure which. All I can say is if you don’t want to be photographed this holidays don’t come near me – you have been warned!!

Speaking of holidays – the count down is on, only four more days and we have done. It’s time to say goodbye to year six (sob) and look forward to a new adventure in year 5 (only foundation and year 4 to go and I will have done the lot!)  I can’t believe thats another year gone – Jack’s year 8 in September – eeek! I can see me spending all holidays doing maths revision – year seven homework was bad enough, year eight – no chance.


Pictures sorted – for now

Four days to go

Bring it on

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