Queen of Ping Pong – sort of………………

At last, a Sunday Lie-In – well until half eight anyway -then I did something else I haven’t done for weeks -sat with a coffee and read a book (not that book!). I don’t know what came over me. Perhaps the fact I woke with a banging head and the beginnings of a cold added to my ‘let’s laze about’ syndrome, though to be fair the rugby kit is washed and away, Fluff the pig is back outside (the rats have gone – hopefully) and the wash basket is empty – I have done somethings, just not all of them. Still it’s only five more days until the big holidays and then I’ll have loads of time to catch up with jobs, so I’m not stressing -yet!

Another job for today was wading my way through the ridiculous amounts of photos I’ve taken over the last few weeks – mainly rugby related – and upload them to the Club website. The first 1000 are sorted – only 2000 to go……………..

In between the photo cropping and fixing I’ve been playing table tennis -one of Jack’s current favourite pastimes. Trouble is I’m rubbish – if it were a full size table I’d be awesome – but it’s not, so I’m awful. I can knock it against walls ceilings even the lights, but the table – no chance. Still Jack must have been having an off day cos after weeks of trying I ‘Dawn the Destroyer’ finally beat him by ONE WHOLE POINT. Wahoo

 Back to work tomorrow

Only Five days left

Bring it on

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