Warning – Random Blonde with Camera…………….

Well another day, another rain cloud – well actually no, the sunshine lasted until almost five o clock- then it wanged it down!! Still, we had a great day out at the Wildcats (Wakefield Trinity for those who prefer the grown up name!) and I didn’t need the various waterproofs , jumpers and boots that I took with me!!!

Yes today was ‘Crigglestone All Blacks’ day at Wakefield. A chance to raise much-needed funds and let our players show what they have to offer. Well from an U12’s perspective they certainly did that. To take on a team from Wigan is a tough ask to take on a team from Wigan and win is awesome – and that’s just what they did. Such is the scale of junior rugby in Wigan, that you often have to go through a selection process to get in the team( yes even at this age)  – that’s why they are so good – did that  phase our bunch of U12’s, er no. 

I stood on top of this building!!!

All in all it was a great day for all our teams (apart from Wakey- cos they got hammered) they all enjoyed it and I should know – I managed to take over 2000 pictures of them doing just that. I think I got a bit carried away – maybe my time in the press box (open platform on top of one of the bars – bloody scary) went to my head. You see I may look a right Wally in my bright orange vest but the plus side is if you wander up to where the matchday photographers stand no one asks who you are – to be fair security didn’t start work until one, but all they normally worry about is making the kids put their legs over the wall – haven’t got time to worry about some random blonde wandering around with a camera!! I got some great shots…………


Looks like a week of sorting photos

I love it really!

Bring it on

Super Team


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