Wanging it down in Wakefield……………….

Well we didn’t need to board the ‘SkyLark’ to head to Derbyshire as the school trip was well n truly off. It started to rain at 8 by ten past we had thunder,lightening the whole job lot. By 8:30, Wakefield was like the City of Atlantis (slight exaggeration – but some parts weren’t too far off!) So that was that, no trip and stuck inside all day – poor kids have got cabin fever.

Thankfully, come One ‘o clock, the text went out telling parents they could come and get their kids – Wakefield was becoming gridlocked. The main road to the motorway was shut so traffic was backed up everywhere. The majority did – some left them to the bitter end – can’t blame them really! By the time I left work, the way home was blocked so I opted to stay at my parents house until the traffic calmed down – didn’t expect it to take 3 hours. Still I got bangers n mash and chocloate cake while I waited and Ernie had done ‘Asda Big Shop’ when I got back – every cloud has a silver lining – especially the wanging it down ones!

                                                                                   Rugbys off tomorrow  (again) 

Summer Rugby

what a joke!!!


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