Fairy Tired………………………

So, the photos finally uploaded, only for me to realise that it had got to number 347 and decided to give up. I set it going again and went to bed in the hope the ‘photo fairy’ would come and it would be finished by the morning. While the ‘photo fairy’ didn’t arrive, the ‘hot sweat  fairy’ did. Meaning that at half two this morning I finally finished the job, paid online and went back to bed. At tea time I got an e-mail telling me I had successfully ordered and paid for NO photos, not one ARRGGHHHHH!

A great end to a great day. Thanks to the ‘hot sweat fairy’ I’ve spent half of the day in a trance, tired doesn’t come into it. However, on the plus side,  being in a trance means I’ve avoided getting into a conversation with ‘Rain Man Kid’ (see yesterday) I didn’t even crack up when he started playing Laurel and Hardy tunes again – well, I didn’t crack up as much as yesterday – come on it’s not that easy!!!!

So, I’ve just got Jack’s cookery stuff to sort – yes I’ve had some notice this time – and then I’m having an early night – not that Jack’s cookery stuff is going to take much doing. Ready made pastry?!?!?! What sort of cookery lesson is that – £3.50 for a block of pastry, so I bought ready rolled ( no, they really do sell ready rolled pastry – has the world finally gone mad!) it’s cheaper!! Quiche for tea tomorrow – might be nice – bet the pastrys bleeding awful!!!

Don’t think I’ll take much rocking

A ‘hot sweat fairy’ free night

Bring it On




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