Well Here’s another Fine Mess You’ve Gotten Me Into…………………

So firstly, apologies for the lateness of the blog and secondly be grateful there is one as I’m ready for launching this laptop out of the window………………One of those days – you’re not kidding.

To be honest, work wasn’t too bad, other than it being swimming brick Monday it was quite a good day. In fact, on reflection workwise it was an hilarious day and I’m sure I pulled a muscle with all the hysterical laughter. I can’t really divulge too much other than we seem to have Rain Man (remember that film with Dustin Hofman in) doing his work experience with us. Unfortunately/ fortunately, depending how you look at it, his obsession is Laurel and Hardy and he spent most of lunchtime playing the theme tune loudly on his phone. When nobody took on, he started singing – at that point I failed and cracked up – I’ve been cracking up ever since……………………

Now I truly am cracking up – three times I’ve tried to upload my photos to order from Asda and three times its got nearly to the end and died – trouble is there is over 500 photos. It’s taking forever, at this rate it will be morning before it’s finished. Grrr.

Not a bad day for a Monday

More Laughter Tomorrow

Bring it On


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