Home Before the Clock Strikes Twelve……..Nearly!

Now the last time I came in at silly o clock and my parents were sat looking at the clock in disgust I was about sixteen so it’s not the kind of thing you expect when you’re 41 – whoops!!! Yep, last night we finally got to have a ‘real’ night out – just grown ups, no kids, rugby players or other rugby parents in tow – it was  great. A lovely meal, a few drinks in the pub and a quick drink back at our friends house before heading home. It was the final quick drink that did it, that’s when I lost track of time…………….I know that 1:45 isn’t that late for some people, but usually I struggle to stay awake past ten o clock, and my last words as we headed out the door at seven was ‘we won’t be late’, meaning, see you about midnight. Now, I remember thinking at half eleven we better get a taxi soon, I don’t remember, however, doing a damn thing about it………………Sorry Mum n Dad. x

So after an extremely late night (for me) why did I wake up at 8 this morning, I just couldn’t get back to sleep. Why couldn’t I be like hubby, who slept till ten and has hogged the sofa for the rest of the day. Sometimes, there is a lot to be said for being a man. So with Ernie snoring on the sofa, it was down to me to help Jack with his homework. Homework that turned out to be a project that he should have done with his mate – they have had two weeks to do it – how much had they done…….bugger all – brill! So I’ve spent the afternoon playing historian – thank god for the internet. Yep we spent the entire afternoon doing the one thing I don’t allow my class to do when we’re researching something – cut n paste. Even then it’s taken forever and how Jack managed to slope off and play out without me even noticing, I just don’t know. Anyway it’s done now, but if he gets anything less than a level 6 his teacher really will be history.

So now we’re watching Wendy-ball which is so exciting I keep looking at the inside of my eyelids, don’t think I’ll be seeing 10 0 clock tonight.

Great Night Out

Why is it nearly Monday already?

Bring it on


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