Letting Off Steam…………………

So tonights run had nothing to do with PB’s, fartleks, hills or pace, tonights run was about ranting. Four and a half miles of non stop ranting. Yep, my running partner and I, for varying reasons, have certain technical difficulties getting in the way of life (and running)  at the moment. And having not seen one another for over a week, tonight was the night to get it all off our chests – (one’s flat,one isn’t!!).  In fact it was less of a run more of a stomp, plenty of gesturing going on and god knows what passing people thought of our conversation. But then we have some cracing conversations at the best of times!!

So, 50 minutes later, we might have done our slowest run in ages , but we felt a whole lot better for it, technical difficulties banished – for now!!!

Very Steady Run Done

Friday tomorrow

Bring it On




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