Wasted Weekend……………

So, first things first. When I listed what I’d done yesterday, and it wasn’t much, I forgot to mention that my sister called so I’ll mention it now. (There you are Donna you’re in the blog).

So that brings me on to today – did I wing my way through my list of to do jobs…………………..Er, well, not really! To be fair the day didn’t get off to the best of starts when 5:30 saw me getting woken up by a twelve-year-old with a temperature. Yep – Jack’s man-flu seems to have manifested into tonsillitis – great. Now bless him, Jack’s not one to moan when he’s not well ( strange for a man but there you go) and tends to just get on with it but even he was struggling to deal with his radiator impression – so that was my nights sleep pretty much over. Oh well. Come lunchtime he really wasn’t well – not going to the rugby is unheard of – so that was the end of my ‘running round like a woman possessed with the Hoover/swiffer/duster while the lads were out’ mission. The biggest job on the list. Still at least the ‘ironing fairy'(mum) paid a visit and the only thing left to do is what was still drying on the line – one job crossed off.

Now we’re back to doing exactly what we were doing last night – watching Wendy- ball and just like last night its crap. Will anybody ever score……………….


The Calpol’s Kicking In

Hopefully its working for Jack too!!!!

The Olympic Flames Coming tomorrow

Bring it on!!! 

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