A day of two halves………one was definately better than the other!!

So it was definitely a day of 2 halves, with the first half being much better than the second.

This morning saw us up and off early to watch my soon to be twelve-year-old play in his 3rd cup final of the season – the U12’s Challenge Cup (Rugby league for those of you not from round here)Thankfully despite doing it the hard way we won – a real nail biter but thankfully no extra time this time though – I don’t think the nerves would have stood it. So all Crigg All blacks need to do now is win the league but due to playing summer rugby (boo) we don’t finish playing until ………………….November!!!

So to the second half of the day. Due to having a camera put in a certain part of my body tomorrow – no I’m not going on embarrassing bodies – they’re looking for my missing iron (and I don’t mean the tefal kind) – Seems a bloody strange place to look if you ask me!! Anyway, I’ve spent the afternoon drinking a gorgeous lemon drink (it’s bleeding awful) that will empty where the cameras going – nice! So you can guess where I’ve been for most of the afternoon. On the plus side, if I carry on at this rate I’ll only weigh four stone by morning!!

More Silverware on the Shelf

Missing iron to be found tomorrow

Bring it on

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