WARNING – Ranting Again……………………Only a little one – for now!

Apologies for the late blog but I’ve been finishing off my son’s epic homework – yep you remember, the Life n Times of Muhammad Pbuh. To be honest any one who’s daft enough to stand in a cave claiming to hear voices doesn’t deserve much of a write up – but then that’s my opinion. So what has my son learnt tonight – sod all!! Sorry I’m ranting again, but I would happily spend hours helping Jack with English, Science or any other subject that he sometimes struggles with. But the best part of three hours researching and writing about a guy who’s story changes from one the website to the next is a joke………

Deep breath, thankfully I’d had a run tonight, not a very good one, I felt knackered, don’t think Juneathon is going quite as well as Janathon, but a run’s a run. Without it I think I’d have been writing a three hour letter to Jack’s R.E teacher instead of complying and doing the task in hand.

Anyway, sorry for the short blog but it’s way past my bedtime, I’ll never be up at six in the morning if I don’t get some ZZZZ’s in soon.

Homework Finished

Any R.E homework sent home tomorrow

Bring it on

(but we won’t be doing it!!)


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