Reality is Really Rubbish!!!

So now I really know I’m back to reality – yep the curse of the R.E homework has struck again…….. Jack was given a project to do on the Friday they broke up, they had to work in pairs and do a biography on Muhammad ‘Pbuh’ (!). It has to be in this Friday. The biggest problem was that he could hardly work with his partner when he was in Wakefield and we were in Orlando. So bless em, they decided he’d do the first half and Jack would do the second. Only problem is Jack only got the first half back today, and it seems the first half was the easy bit!!!!!

So we’ve (I’ve) spent the last hour reading up on this amazing (not) guy. Now the internet is great, but…..I’ve looked at 4 different websites and not one of them has the same tale – really helpful that. On top of that, when I’ve read the bit his mates done its, well, lets just say he’s got things a bit mixed up. apparently M.’PbuH’ retired when he was 40 and meditated in the mountain – what he meant to say was he retreated to the mountain – nearly the same! It’s going to be a long night!!

Is it nearly the school holidays (!!)

Going to do my best to be more awake tomorrow

Bring it on!!!

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