Roland Rat Rules – But Not for Long

So after a rather testing 24 hours, we finally made it back to British shores, devoid of  sleep and freezing cold – I love night flights – not!!! So I’ve spent all afternoon unpacking my messed up cases ( I’ve never knew airport security could open your cases without your permission and have a route round – but they can, I had a leaflet in each case telling me they’d been in!) they could have put stuff back where they found it – pft! So the washers been on overtime and hopefully the weather brightens so I can hang it out.

Cases unpacked, kettle on and time for a chat with the old folks – mum and dad – who we haven’t seen for a month – I could have done without the killer rat tale though. Yep, having kept fluff inside for some of our vacation ( American speak for holiday!!) They moved him back to his outdoor cage only to find it occupied by a dead rat – great. Anyway they blitzed the cage, condemed Roland to Hell – the wheelie bin – recycle one of course!! But then Fluff wouldnt go in all of his cage – the reason  – a bloody big live Roland ( honest its mahoosive) has hogged the upper level trust me , it won’t be there for long – bucket of poison anyone……..

Knackered but glad to be home

Back to work tomorrow

Bring it on


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