Holiday Tips from the Earnshaws………

So once again the weather man has got it completely wrong. Yep – despite predicting the ever depressed weather would offer a 90% chance of rain today – in other words it would p*** it down non-stop!! We’ve spent our last few hours by the pool basking in the sun. Love the way normality returns just as we’re about to head home – Pft!

Still it’s been a great holiday and we will definitely be back again in the next couple of years. Not sure if we will do Disney again, maybe we’ll try the one in California for a change. One thing for sure, it is only experience, having done Disney before, that has saved us from spending ridiculous amount of dollars.

Like all theme parks everywhere around the world, there main aim is to get you to spend as much dosh as possible. But Mickey ‘give me all your dollars’ Mouse seems to be taking this to new levels. From the food to photos the prices have nearly doubled since the last time we were here – next time I’m bringing a full size cool bag – we’ll be taking pack-ups for dinner. So for anyone coming to Disney soon, some top tips:
Buy your Disney Tickets before you come. ( in fact buy all your tickets before you come- your holiday company also rip you off!)
The Disney Dining Plan is great if you are constantly eating and if you like mass produced tasteless food. Local restaurants work out much cheaper and serve better quality food.
When buying drinks in the parks just ask for one large one- they are bucket size and are more than enough. Likewise kids meals are often huge – if you’re not a big eater go for it – just ignore the mouse shaped plate!!!
The local 7/11 (sort of tesco express) sells 24 bottles of water for $3.00. Theme parks sell 1 for $2.50 plus tax. Not rocket science really – take your own.Savings can also be made on beer/soft drinks (mahoosive savings) in the same way.
If you have your photo taken on a ride and want to buy it, ask for the small size (5×7) that’s not on show- way
Don’t forget that whatever the price tag says it doesn’t include tax,they add that on at the till!
Remember to take a suitable waterproof jacket that way you won’t look a right tit in a poncho!!!!
Try not to stare too long at the oversized families- they might eat you!!
If you’re offended by Lezza’s n Poof’s fornicating at the theme parks avoid the 1st week in June. Also if you’ve got an 11 year old who shouts the first thing that comes into his head – like ‘urghh benders’ also avoid the 1st week in June.
When eating out- a starter is usually enough to feed a family of four, sweets are also the same- one to share is the best way forward.
Above all Remember Americans are extremely loud and over enthusiastic about everything and I mean everything- just smile politely through gritted teeth- you get used to it eventually!!
So that’s my Judith Chalmers (shampoo n set bird that used to be on ‘wish you were here’) bit done. Follow my top tips- you’ll be fine!
Like I said, despite Hurricane Beryl (daftest name for a Hurricane ever!) best efforts to spoil things, we’ve had a great time. Will defo be spending at least a week in the Universal area next time, we’ll defo do Kennedy Space Centre again ( best day by far) and next time I’ll be bring my ‘grown up’ camera!!!!
See you in England
Bring it On.

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