Pool Day……….

So having had an extremely busy day at the Space Centre yesterday ( in case I forgot to mention it – it was fab!) we had a Saturday night in. Pizza, beer and the T.V. Unfortunately,despite millions of channels, American telly is just like ours- pants!!! So we ended up watching the baseball. Booorrriiinng! I thought it was just like rounders -it’s not. For a start they don’t even try and hit the ball half the time – now Hubby tells me it’s cos the pitcher ( bowler to you and me) chucks the ball that fast the batter (!) hasn’t a cat in hells chance in hitting it. Where’s the fun in that!!! Then when they do run to base they get half way and dive down and slide in- talk about fannying about – just peg it for Christ sakes, it’s much easier. Then the poor old kit lady won’t have to spend all week getting sand stains out of the kit!! I’ll never moan about the muddy rugby kits again.

So after a busy day, today was rest day – a day by the pool. Swimming, basketball, water rugby ( like water polo but with an oval ball) Did I say rest day!!! To be fair we got plenty of sunbathing in and time to do my favourite thing – yep you guessed right – people watching. The ones that play for the other team seem to be moving on, only to be replaced by the ‘ I tried weightwatchers and it failed’ gang. (See photo) I know I keep going on about it but the thing that fascinates/bothers me is that there are fat families waddling about not just one parent/child, but all of them. Occasionally in a fat family of four, one of them is obviously last to the tea table as they’re stick thin – weird!!!

To be fair though, when you see some of the portions they get served over here you can see where the problem lies – my sweet tonight – key lime pie – could of fed the whole restaurant.I didn’t finish it!!!

The other thing that baffles me – why come to the pool plastered in make up then swim with your head out if the water trying to keep your hair in place – shame our ball games ruined more than one face/ hairdo today- whoops!!

Juneathon Day 3 done by the pool

Universal studios tomorrow

Bring it on


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