The Things You See…………

So holiday day number 5( I think) and Hurricane Beryl has defo gone and left behind glorious hot hot sunshine-the perfect weather for visiting Hollywood Studios- maybe!!! Come 9:15 we were being dropped 15 floors in a lift – yep Tower of Terror time – one of the scariest rides in Disney- so good we did it twice in the space of half an hour. Then it was roller coaster time – by this time my legs were like jelly – and we call it fun!!! I love it really

But the best thing of all about Disney is……… Well it’s none of the rides, it’s the people watching – my favourite pastime. Never will you see such a variety of characters in one place, and I don’t mean the dressed up Disney characters. Nowhere else will you see such a range of shapes, sizes, creeds and colours- well apart from Eastmoor!!! But it’s the size of them that’s fascinating me the most at the moment – how the hell do they get so big??

Take one lady queuing today, her ‘ass’ ( American term for arse) was wider than Hubby and I stood side by side, she was sweating like a pig and could barely breathe, even worse her hubby and kids were all of similar size. Even worse than that they were in the same lift as us on the tower of terror? How the hell that lift got off the ground I’ll never know!

Theme park done, it was back to the hotel and time to relax by the pool, well we relaxed in the shade near the pool ( the bar) think we over did the sun yesterday! So no swimming but a chance to sing along to my iPod! I tried not to sing along too loud as A: I can’t sing and B: I don’t think some people would appreciate my musical tastes. Personally I love Barry Manilow but………..

It was while we were by the pool we had our best laugh of the day- gay pride (4 day celebration for those that bat for theother side) has returned to Disney- and you should of seen the tiny pants one gay dude was wearing- I’ve seen bigger dental Floss!!!

Animal Kingdom tomorrow

Lots more people watching

Bring it on


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